The Office, “Andy’s Play”: I have no filter.

“Andy’s Play” was one of those episodes that didn’t necessarily have me holding my sides the entire night, but did a good job of reminding me why I’ve stuck by these characters for as long as I have.

Every now and then it’s nice to be reminded of the fact that, no matter how much these people get on each others’ nerves, they’re still friends and all care about each other on some level or another. So it was good to see everyone rally around Andy and come out to see him in an (amateur) production of Sweeney Todd.

I don’t know how interested people are going to be in these will-they-or-won’t-they relationships between Andy/Erin and Dwight/Angela, especially after following Jim and Pam for such a long time. I had completely forgotten about Dwight and Angela’s sex contract until it was brought up again, and was forced to realize all over again that I really didn’t care about it that much.

There were a few moments from this week’s episode that made me feel as if the show was truly treading on new ground. One of these came when Michael told Andy that if he thought he had performed horribly, he would have told him. He said, “I have no filter.” And for some reason Michael acknowledging how absurd a character he sometimes is felt as a real a moment as I’ve seen in the past several seasons. Like the writers had found the perfect level to play the character. Another moment came in the episode’s opening scene, when Michael asked Andy and his theater company which role he’d be playing. It was a pretty awkward moment and reminded me more of the British version than anything else. I know the show has strayed into this territory before (and “strayed” is the operative word here), but it doesn’t feel like we’ve really seen it since “Diversity Day” in the first season.

One final thought. Jim and Pam getting drunk in their car with CC was a nice moment between the two, but did no one pay attention to the fact that these are two parents with their child in the back seat, and they’re selfishly getting sh*tfaced before driving home. No MADD awards for you this year, Jim and Pam.


One response to “The Office, “Andy’s Play”: I have no filter.

  1. Jim and Pam were already at home when they started drinking. Jim went inside to get the stuff for a drink because everytime they tried to get Cece out of the car, she’d start crying (“The Hurt Locker” lol). Plus, you can see the houses in the background.

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