It’s Always Sunny, “Mac’s Big Break”: We’re gonna need a montage!

Oddly enough, at the end of this episode, my biggest takeaway was… how the f do you spell gibrone? Jabrone? Jabronie? Gabronie? Our good friends over at provide the four iterations above, but I was leaning toward the more subtle “gabrone.”

Either way, I have to side with Charlie and the DJ, gibrone is a great word, and your homework for this week is to incorporate it into your daily vocabulary. In this episode, Charlie and Mac win a radio contest and the chance to take a shot at the goal during a professional hockey game, and if they make it, they get to spend the weekend at the radio station beach house. Obviously, this will ingrain Mac into the upper echelons of Philly sports and celebrity society. So based on his extensive pee wee hockey experience, Charlie helps Mac prepare for his big moment so he doesn’t end up looking like a gibrone on the ice. We get some good exchanges out of this set-up, including Mac, as usual, wholly preoccupied with looking like a bad-ass, including yielding the hockey stick as a weapon, bringing the duster out of the Season 3 wardrobe closet (maybe it’s been used since then, but I don’t remember and don’t care enough to look it up), and contemplating the merits of a long, flowing, dramatic hockey wig.

The episode as a whole was okay, very big-picture, situational-type humor, but it still lacked that holy-shit-did-they-really-just-do/say-that edge that this entire season has been missing. The b-story with Frank taping Dee and Dennis’ “podcast” just illustrated the point (intentionally or not) that these guys are only funny and entertaining inside a very narrow band, although it was great to see some of the old favorite minor characters back again. Rickety Cricket, Ben and The Waitress are great foils to this gang’s abuse, and I enjoy watching the discomfort that comes from sticking them all in a small room together. Still, the podcast dialogue really needed to be better to justify such a boring setting – they’re just sitting in front of a computer, talking. In the words of my good friend Captain MessyPants, SNOOZE! The other problem I had with this set-up was that the hilarity of this group’s dysfunction comes largely from no one in the group acknowledging it, and here, Frank acknowledges that the exchanges between Dee and Dennis are ridiculous, which takes the audience out of the moment. Or at least it did for me.

That said, I’d definitely listen to that podcast.

The best part for me was the Mac-Charlie training montage – brilliant, and I also liked the play on reality at the end. They made you think for a moment that maybe Mac really was going to stroll out to center ice and make the puck his bitch. But about the time the cardboard goalie exploded, I was on to the gag. From that point, the episode ended kind of abruptly, but I do hope that there will be a callback to Charlie’s prediction that Mac will indeed become a sports sensation when his embarrassing collapse (complete with awesome sound effects – a callback to the podcast storyline) is shown repeatedly on ESPN.

I’m not a guy, so maybe the sports theme was just lost on me, but like a guy, this episode mostly left me unsatisfied and wondering, “Was that it?” (Yup. Sex joke. Hi mom!)

Funny lines:

  • This asphalt – that’s not regulation.
  • Where’s the H key? There’s no H key!
  • Does my scar look like’s a dog’s vagina? You know, maybe. I’m not going to sit here and try to get inside the mind of a dog.

P.S. You know who will sit there and try to get inside the mind of a dog? My friend TheQuoner, who gets a nod for being a great sounding board on all things Sunny and for letting me pass some of his great insights off as my own.


One response to “It’s Always Sunny, “Mac’s Big Break”: We’re gonna need a montage!

  1. always enjoy reading a fellow Sunny fans Blog! good review!
    Kasey Shirk

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