Terriers, “Ring-A-Ding-Ding”: I knew exactly what I was doing.

This latest episode of ‘Terriers’ took a break from the Lindus-Montague story and instead focused on our intrepid heroes and their respective relationship problems.

Gretchen’s getting married, and Jason, her new beau, was gracious enough to invite Hank to the engagement party. He did this partly to appease Gretchen, who still cares about Hank and wants him to be a part of their lives. He also did it for more personal, dickish reasons. And that was so Hank would come to accept the fact that he and Gretchen are getting married. And they’re probably going to be doing it all the time. What a jerk.

While they’re at the party, Jason gets up and makes the requisite platitude-laden speech about how his life was on the skids, and just before he lost hope completely, Gretchen appeared and pulled him back from the brink. The sentimentality doesn’t do much for Hank, but Britt gets a little choked and makes an excuse so he can sneak off into a corner and wipe the tears from his eyes. When Hank asks him if everything’s all right, Britt tells him that he’s finally decided to ask Katie to marry him. Hank’s happy for him, but only in that, hey-that’s-great-but-it-sucks-I’m-gonna-lose-my-best-friend kind of way.

If Britt’s serious about asking Katie to marry him, he better jump on that quick, because I’m not too sure how long a girl like her is going to be able to hold out. While Hank and Britt are out working a case, Katie heads out to a karaoke bar with some school friends. One in particular, Gavin, tries making several passes at her. And I’m glad the writers chose to name him Gavin, because that ensures that there’s zero chance I would ever warm to or feel any sympathy whatsoever for the character. Britt’s not around much. His job forces him to keep odd hours. We understand that. More importantly, Katie understands that. Enough to ignore all his lame jokes about her dating a ghost, and brush off his sloppy advances in the parking lot later that night. Unfortunately, she’s a little too sloshed to brush off the advances of her professor, who’s sort of a cross between Eric Bana and a woman.

Katie wakes up later that night sprawled out in his bed, and quickly hightails it home. She comes in and looks in horror at the scene laid out before her. Britt asleep on the couch, two champagne glasses and a lit candle on the table. Also a blue diamond ring worth $300,000. Doesn’t she feel like s**t? Well, maybe not so much when Britt wakes up and tells her the ring isn’t what she thinks, that it belongs to someone he and Hank are working a case for.

Katie, overcome with guilt, tells Hank the entire story, who then tells her never ever ever to tell Britt. Not sure about that one. Britt strikes me as the guy who could probably take it. And this is the kind of thing that’s only going to get worse the longer she keeps it to herself. I mean, it’s kind of a given that Britt’s going to find out about it. This is TV. Come on.

This was kind of a Britt-centric episode without being Britt centric, and I appreciated the look at how his problems are distinctly different from Hank’s. It makes you appreciate the dynamic between the two characters all the more when see how fully realized they are. And it was nice to spend a little more time with Katie, not least because of how good she looked in that sun dress, but because she seemed like a character who was getting a little short shrifted this season.

I know there’s a whole other side to the episode I’m not going into. I think a lot of it speaks for itself. As a stand-alone episode it was definitely one of the best this so far. I enjoyed it a lot more than I did “Dog and Pony,” which was much more lighthearted in tone. Although this episode didn’t feel like it had the closure that episode did, shifting at the end to Katie’s conversation with Hank. I’ll be interested to see how all of that plays out. As long as Hank and Britt can keep from crying. Leave that to the women. Am I right, fellas?


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