Boardwalk Empire, “Family Limitation”: Lead in the pencil.

Can STD’s be transmitted through the TV screen? Because every time I see Paz de la Huerta I feel like I need to get tested. I understand some women just ooze sexuality, but she does it the same way an open herpes sore might (or so I imagine (I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me. My herpes cleared up a long time ago)). Her scenes with Margaret make for some good TV, though. And I don’t imagine we’ve seen the end of things between them with this episode.

I thought it was telling that Lucy, who realizes she isn’t Nucky’s only woman, would once again try exerting her dominance over Margaret by making her take her clothes off in front of her. Especially in light of Margaret’s story about the old man and the rooster who would peck out a tune on a small piano. Lucy’s no more than a one-trick pony, in or out of the bedroom. And speaking of Margaret, she really knows how to pick them, huh? The show seems to set her up only to knock her back down. But, if Lucy can’t expect to be the only apple of Nucky’s eye, then neither can she.

In Chicago, Jimmy’s cementing his place inside Johnny Torrio’s outfit, and for me, their meeting with Sheridan in Greektown was where a lot of the show came together in this episode. Now, I’m honestly not sure if it was any sort of nuanced storytelling that really lit my fire as it was people getting shot up. I will say that Sheridan’s brains splattering all over the floor definitely didn’t hurt things.

Given Jimmy’s new standing in Torrio’s eyes – the bees knees for figuring out the Greek situation – I’m not entirely sure whether or not I can trust Capone’s peace offering at the end of the episode. It’s obvious Capone is the kind of person who can dish it out, but can’t take it himself. And when Jimmy starting making cracks about his service in World War I, you saw how fast Capone froze up. You look at other things, like Capone firing off a gun right next to Jimmy’s head, and you think this is one crazy son of a b**ch. He can’t be trusted. But then again, you look at his admission of his son’s deafness and have to ask yourself if he’s looking for a true friend. Someone who’s going to rise with through Torrio’s ranks.

So, Lucky Luciano’s still in the mix. He has a quiet presence, but when the show calls for it, he really RISES to the occasion. Nucky may try muscling him out, but Lucky’s going to hold FIRM. I guess you could say Lucky’s got a huge BONER for Jimmy’s mom. And that’s alright. But please, no more shots of him walking naked to answer the phone.

This was a really solid episode, and showed that the show is much more than just ‘The Sopranos’ set in the 20’s. Now for the exciting stuff! The Republican National Convention! Some headshots thrown into the mix would not be unwelcome.


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