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The Lost Supper

Is it ripping-off Battlestar Galactica? Absolutely. Am I completely gaybones over it? You betcha. Click for a larger version!


The Year End Review: TV

It’s had its ups and downs, but overall, the gods of television have been kind to us this year. This is my list of the top 5 best shows this year, and you can add this list of new TV to what you see below.

Battlestar Galactica

One of the best science fiction shows ever created ended its four-season run this year. And in the lead up to the end it never once stopped to breathe, or wasn’t able to find that balance between action and drama. I was glad that the show decided to answer some questions while leaving others ambiguous, and give it major props for tying some things up in ways I never suspected. Except for the whole Fat Lee thing. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Mad Men

If there’s any show that could drive me to drink, it’d be this one. And I mean that in a good way. Three seasons in and this is still one of the best shows on television, maybe the best currently running. It’s also one of the only shows I’ve seen that has yet to suffer any sort of creative slump. The stories, the characters, the acting, the production all make this one hard to keep out of any TV best-of lists this year. Plus now, any time I’m being sexist, I can just say that I’m pulling a Draper, and it’s all good.

Friday Night Lights

I’m a little late to the game when it comes to this one. I only started watching the show about a month ago, and I burned through three and a half seasons in only a couple of weeks. For me, this show is better than cocaine, and I can say that because I’m a massive cocaine addict. I really can’t say enough good things about it (the show, not cocaine). They gave us a game-changing finale last season, and have come up with a creative way to keep the story going despite the fact that about half of the cast has turned over. And where other shows try the same thing and fail, Friday Night Lights is still going strong. Plus, it’s filmed in my hometown. Seriously, I saw Brad Leland in downtown Austin a couple of weeks ago and almost crapped my pants. I might take some flak for it, but FNL definitely cracks my Top 5 best TV shows of the past 10 years.

Breaking Bad

Mad Men showed us that AMC knew how to handle their own drama series. Breaking Bad showed us that AMC was the network to watch out for. Can you believe that, up until a couple of years ago, all I could think of when I saw Bryan Cranston was, “Could you pass me a schtickle of fluoride?” He’s come a long way.

Parks and Recreation

At the end of last season, I was ready to write this one off. Amy Poehler is funny. Greg Daniels is funny. It only makes sense that if NBC put the two of them together, everyone would make bags and bags of money. Well, it turns out that building a park wasn’t the comedy gold mine everyone thought it would be. Now they’re in their second season, and have looked a little farther for their storylines, and the show couldn’t be funnier. This is easily the strongest of NBC’s Thursday night lineup.

A few popular shows that didn’t make it, and why…

30 Rock
I think there’s a reason 30 Rock has won the Emmy for best comedy series these past three years, and that is, for these past three years, it’s been the best comedy series on television. This season, it just hasn’t lived up to that. Tracy making jokes like, “I’ll show you that I can finish everything I–” or Liz liking ham can only go so far. These past couple of episodes have been a lot better, so we’ll see where they go.

The Office
I heard someone say that on this season of The Office, Dunder Mifflin should go out of business, everyone should lose their job, and that would be the end of the series. I didn’t think that was the most horrible idea I had ever heard. In its sixth season, The Office feels like it’s just spinning its wheels, especially now that Pam and Jim are happily married. A few episodes, like Shareholder Meeting, seemed like a lot of wasted potential. The company is losing money, and just when it seems like Scott and Oscar are going to save the day, every runs out of the hotel and speeds away in a limo.Hopefully the show comes back (creatively), because I don’t think NBC can afford to get rid of it right now. I’d hate to see it overstay its welcome.

This show is still trying to decide what it wants to be. Is it a parody like The Office, is it over the top like 30 Rock? I don’t know, because they haven’t settled on one yet. Add that to the fact that all off the characters, with the exception of maybe Abed, are one-dimensional stereotypes, making Community one of the biggest disappointments this season. After that 5-minute clip they released last May, I really had my hopes up for this one.

Although I enjoyed season 4 and thought the writers took some great creative twists, there have always been a few small things that have annoyed me about this show, and affected how much I enjoy it. One of them is Debra. Seriously, this woman is like a turd that just won’t flush. Hey, I wonder what happens to her this season. I bet she gets into a relationship that goes bad and manages to call everyone around her selfish along the way. My other big problem with this show is Dexter and Rita’s relationship. It stopped being believable after the first season. It’s like after she got over her experience with her first husband, she never found that balance between standing up for herself and being a jerk. And Dexter’s so great at blending in to normal life, yet still can’t stand up to her. Plus, the dialogue between the two of them reads like it came out of Marriage for Dummies.

I’m a huge fan of the show, but I didn’t think that the fifth season delivered the way previous seasons had. With the show about to begin its sixth and last season, I felt like it was taking one last, deep breath before it sped off to the finish.

This show is trying to be as great as Lost while ignoring everything that makes Lost great. On Lost, the characters always came before the mystery, and on FlashForward, I’m still trying to remember what the characters names are. Add that to the fact that if everyone in the entire world blacked out for two minutes, there’d be no way in Hell I’d be back at work the next day, or week. Maybe ever. This show is bogged down in its own mythology, and I’m wondering if it’ll be able to crawl back out.

Caprica, like the Japanese, promises sexy robots

SyFy has released draft posters for the upcoming Battlestar prequel series, Caprica. And I hope you all realize that Caprica is giving us a glimpse into our own future here. Keep your eyes on the Japanese and those robots they keep working on. Sure, we say they’re freaky-looking, but on the inside, we’re cheering them on.

You can check out the rest of the posters at io9.


With just a few exceptions (True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance) summer TV is a dark, dark place. It’s full of reruns and unpopular shows that networks have left to die. As the new Fall season approaches, networks are ramping up their ad campaigns, whetting our appetites with small glimpses of what’s to come.

And we all watch it. When we’re hanging out with friends and someone starts talking about House or 24, we may be quick to say, “Oh, I’m so busy! I hardly watch any TV at all!” but that’s just because, unconsciously, our sphincters are clenching in fear that our friends will find the Firefly DVDs and empty cans of Mountain Dew scattered across our bedroom.

For a while now, I’ve really been digging the advertisements networks run promoting their shows. For a moment, it makes me feel high-brow and good about all the hours and money I’ve thrown in to TV and DVDs. When I think of this stuff, I usually think of The Sopranos, which really owned us all (you can click most of the pictures for larger versions).

In this picture, you’ll recognize the bodies on the ground as characters who have died over the years — Ralph Cifaretto, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, Gloria Trillo, and Richie Aprile.

The Sopranos isn’t the only show to have used the Last Supper motif. Here are two promos from Battlestar Galactica and House…

I’m not a huge fan of House, but that picture makes me wish I was…maybe. And for BSG and The Sopranos, such an evocative image was totally appropriate for the shows. Of course, there are other shows like Bones, who start with a good idea and then SURPRISEPOKER!!1!

Booth: Bones! How much are you in for?

Bones: Fiddy bones! LOL!

But we knew they’d screw it up in the end, right? Networks like HBO and Showtime release this sort of thing a lot more than networks like FOX and NBC, so when looking for examples, I wasn’t able to find a ton of variety. Maybe you’ll forgive me.

Some of my favorite stuff is for Showtime’s Dexter (returning September 27th!). Man. That kid’s eyes…

All these shows do this stuff like they’re old pros, but then there are other shows who just use the profile pics from their Facebook pages.

Booth: “Bones! What are you doing?”

Bones: “Oh, just examining my bones, LOL! … Thursdays at 8/7c.”

If any of you are interested in this sort of thing, you should flip through the occasional issue of Vanity Fair. They’ve got a lot of good stuff. If any of you find anything out there you particularly like, send it to fuggidup@yahoo.com and we’ll post it. Unless it’s Bones. I mean, seriously?

FRAK ATTACK!! – “You are the harbinger of death Kara Thrace.”

Last time on Battlestar Galactica, tensions ran high as Starbuck and Lieutenant Commander Hunter faced-off over the launch keys to the Alabama‘s nuclear missiles. Pushed to the breaking point, Helo and his band of Merry Men relieve Starbuck of duty. But before anyone can breathe a sigh of relief, big dumb Anders stumbles out of his quarters.

Anders: Man, I am so wasted right no– woah. What’s going on?

Anders is all whacked out on Jello-shooters. Needless to say, everything gets shot to s**t, and Gaeta gets shot in the leg.

Everyone’s standing around, with their sweaty muscles, breathing hard and holding guns to everyone’s heads. Starbuck has an idea – she and a few others will jump to Leoben’s baseship to see if his story checks out. Helo nods. That sounds reasonable. Gaeta says his leg hurts. Anyway, they jump to the baseship, or peices of the baseships.

Athena: Looks like we found what’s left of them.

Theoden: So much death.

President Roslin is in sickbay, undergoing diloxin treatments for her cancer. A few beds down, she hears another patient complaining about her treatment. She walks over to take a peek, and guess who it is? Major Kira Nerys from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

Roslin: Hi, I’m Laura Roslin. What’s your name?

Kira: We don’t have time for this! Tell the Captain there are five Dominion warships headed straight for the Station!

Roslin: I’m sorry, I don’t get that reference.

Kira tells her to make sure Quark isn’t up to any of his old tricks.

On the baseship, Starbuck and co. learn about the Cylon civil war from Natalie. Natalie says that if they can’t bring things to a decisive end within the next 24 hours, the rebels will seize the capitol. Athena is mobbed by a gaggle of Sharons. The whole thing brings back a lot of unpleasant memories for her.

Athena: I’d really just like to be left alone right now.

Sharon #1: Me too.

Sharon #2: Me three.

Athena: Please. Stop.

Sharon #3: Me four.

Sharon #4: Me five.

Athena: I hate my life.

Back in sickbay, Roslin tries talking to Major Kira again. This whole cancer thing has got her on a religious kick, and she thinks maybe the two of them can find some common ground. Again, she’s disappointed.

Kira: Everyone says he’s just another Starfleet captain, but he’ll always be the Emmisary to me.

Leoben has convinced the other Cylons to let Starbuck see the Hybrid, who’s been coming up with some crazy stuff lately. Her room looks like a Friday night at the UC-Berkeley student union. Smoke, jazz, bohemians snapping their fingers, with the Hybrid right in the middle.

Hybrid: People packed in metal tubes. Cigarettes, death sticks, a clever ruse. The will to live sucked out of me. Teacher never told us this is how life would be. Groovy man.

Crowd: *snap* *snap* *snap* *snap*

Natalie: Screw this. Let’s just unbox D’Anna.

Leoben: Cool beans.

The clock’s just about run out on the Demetrius, and Helo is getting ready to jump back to the Galactica. But suddenly, just before they take off, the baseship appears. Success!

Starbuck: Looks like everything worked out just fine, Helo.

Helo: It sure did, Starbuck. It sure did.

Late that night, Adama and Roslin sit up talking to each other. Adama asks if she’s met anyone or had any experiences that have changed her perspective on things lately.

Roslin: There was this one woman I met in sickbay.

Adama: Tell me about her.

Roslin: Hmm? Oh. Nothing. She’s dead now.

The End

It’s like some wonderful drug.

You know what I love most about being a fan of Battlestar Galactica? Waiting a year between seasons, getting new episodes for three months, and then having to wait another year for the series to wrap. It doesn’t help that Ron Moore and company have created one of the best science fiction series in the history of the genre, or that the actors are one of the best ensemble casts on television today. Maybe if this were some other show, like Perfect Strangers, nobody would give a crap. I can wait a few years to find out what’s going to happen between Balki and Mary Anne.

I know there are a few people who were pretty pissed about Friday’s mid-season finale. I know there are people who have complained that season four has been a little uneven. I know there are those who say that BSG has been sliding downhill ever since season two. Not me. I don’t care what Ron Moore and company churn out. The Galactica could have reached Earth, and Adama, Lee and all the rest could have swooped down to the surface on their flying motorcycles, found Charlton Heston screaming at the Statue of Liberty and I would have eaten it all up and asked for seconds.

Since we’re all obsessive nerds let’s take a few moments to ask pointless questions…

1. Earth? – Some say that this isn’t Earth. That we saw no identifying landmasses. We didn’t see the Moon. The Fleet didn’t detect any satellites. This is just another bait and switch put on by the show’s writers.

2. Earth. – Others say that yes, they’ve reached Earth. Ron Moore is quoted as saying that the show would end with the Fleet reaching Earth, but he didn’t know how long that story would take to tell. The implication being that they might reach Earth before the last episode. So, here we are.

3. Only 4 in the Fleet? – D’Anna said that only four of the Final Five are inside the Fleet. That dashes any speculation that Adama or Roslin or any of the other regulars would come out proclaiming to be the fifth and final Cylon.

I’m sure some of you can think of many more things you’d like answered. Now, as we settle in to the long, cold 8-9 months before the second batch of episodes picks up, there is a bit of good news. The Watcher reports that the second half of BSG’s fourth season might be expanded another hour to accommodate Ron Moore’s super-sized series finale script. Also, at this point, at least one of the three proposed BSG TV movies looks like a sure thing. Ahh. Just the thought makes me all warm inside.

So, how’d you like the finale? Tell us your opinion in the comments section.

FRAK ATTACK!! – “Bad. This is really bad.”

We open up on the Demetrius, two months into her mission to find Earth. Helo’s telling Starbuck that they’re due to meet the Galactica soon. Starbuck motions him over and shows him a starchart.

Helo: Starbuck, we’ve searched these grids twice already. You really think we’re going to find something this time?

Starbuck: Oh no. There’s no way we’ll find anything. But we just might find something.

Helo: ??

Back on the Galatica, Tyrol’s jumping rope. He realizes that with Cally gone, nobody’s going to want a bald, overweight ex-hangar chief who’s now been relegated to changing lightbulbs. Nicky’s been neglected and crawls around in a diaper that hasn’t been changed in two weeks.

Starbuck and Hot Dog are out exploring when they pick up a Cylon Heavy Raider on DRADIS. It’s Leoben, who tells Starbuck that it really is him. He’s been to Earth, and he’s going to take them here. What? Why the hell should we have to wait a year to find out what happens? Leoben comes aboard the Demetrius and tells Starbuck that she needs to see the Hybrid. She’s been to Earth, and she’s going to take them there.

Tory has a habit of finding members of the Tyrol family standing alone in viper launch tubes. That’s where she finds the chief, contemplating the strange circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

Tory: You don’t want to do this. Galen, he’s your son.

Tyrol: What?

Tory: Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking of something else. So… what’s up?

On the Demetrius, Anders walks in to find Starbuck and Leoben listening to Unchained Melody and making pottery. Anders goes totally bats**t and slams Leoben up against a wall. Leoben proposes an alliance between the Cylons and the Colonials. Anders flexes his muscles and is all like, “As if.”

Tyrol takes a trip down to Baltar’s lair to listen to one of his sermons. Baltar spots him and says that if Cally were here, she would want the two of them to be friends. As Tyrol leaves, Baltar calls out, “If you’d like, I can tell you about a few other things your wife, ‘liked’.” *snicker* Tyrol crushes his windpipe.

Leoben’s heavy raider blows up, killing sergeant Mathias, who was out there walking around on it for some reason. Starbuck flips out, which seems to be getting popular on the Demetrius. She goes down and takes it out of Leoben. Starbuck asks him what happened to her during the two months she was gone.

Leoben: You’re an angel, and you’re going to lead your people home.

Starbuck: Oh yeah well I guess I can see-bwaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh?!

Baltar feels real bad for what he said to Tyrol, so he goes down to his quarters to apologize for the whole thing. He says he’s sorry, then talks about his plans for when they get to Earth and he even reads a little from a screenplay he’s writing. Tyrol’s asleep and misses the whole thing.

Starbuck comes out from her cave to ramble a little bit about Mathias and and duty and honor, and how everything will be alright once they hook up with Leoben’s basestar.

Helo: Oh well I guess that sounds pretty goo-bwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh?!

What will happen next time? Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I struggle to catch up with FRAK ATTACK!!