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With just a few exceptions (True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance) summer TV is a dark, dark place. It’s full of reruns and unpopular shows that networks have left to die. As the new Fall season approaches, networks are ramping up their ad campaigns, whetting our appetites with small glimpses of what’s to come.

And we all watch it. When we’re hanging out with friends and someone starts talking about House or 24, we may be quick to say, “Oh, I’m so busy! I hardly watch any TV at all!” but that’s just because, unconsciously, our sphincters are clenching in fear that our friends will find the Firefly DVDs and empty cans of Mountain Dew scattered across our bedroom.

For a while now, I’ve really been digging the advertisements networks run promoting their shows. For a moment, it makes me feel high-brow and good about all the hours and money I’ve thrown in to TV and DVDs. When I think of this stuff, I usually think of The Sopranos, which really owned us all (you can click most of the pictures for larger versions).

In this picture, you’ll recognize the bodies on the ground as characters who have died over the years — Ralph Cifaretto, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, Gloria Trillo, and Richie Aprile.

The Sopranos isn’t the only show to have used the Last Supper motif. Here are two promos from Battlestar Galactica and House…

I’m not a huge fan of House, but that picture makes me wish I was…maybe. And for BSG and The Sopranos, such an evocative image was totally appropriate for the shows. Of course, there are other shows like Bones, who start with a good idea and then SURPRISEPOKER!!1!

Booth: Bones! How much are you in for?

Bones: Fiddy bones! LOL!

But we knew they’d screw it up in the end, right? Networks like HBO and Showtime release this sort of thing a lot more than networks like FOX and NBC, so when looking for examples, I wasn’t able to find a ton of variety. Maybe you’ll forgive me.

Some of my favorite stuff is for Showtime’s Dexter (returning September 27th!). Man. That kid’s eyes…

All these shows do this stuff like they’re old pros, but then there are other shows who just use the profile pics from their Facebook pages.

Booth: “Bones! What are you doing?”

Bones: “Oh, just examining my bones, LOL! … Thursdays at 8/7c.”

If any of you are interested in this sort of thing, you should flip through the occasional issue of Vanity Fair. They’ve got a lot of good stuff. If any of you find anything out there you particularly like, send it to fuggidup@yahoo.com and we’ll post it. Unless it’s Bones. I mean, seriously?