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TRAILER MONDAY – Super Patriotic Edition**

Robert Downey Jr. is certainly popular these days, which only goes to show that you can be a drug addict AND wildly successful. Kids, take note. Anyway, Sherlock Holmes hits theaters this Christmas. In it, Robert Downey Jr. plays a wildly successful opium addict.

Also in time for the holidays is Viggo Mortensen’s The Road, which was adapted from the popular Cormac McCarthy novel, which was recently reviewed on this wildly popular blog. The movie follows Mortensen as he leads his son through a bombed-out wasteland, where roving bands of killers prey on the innocent. Hahaha, no it’s not Mexico.

In 9, the world is also a bombed-out wasteland. Except here, a group of ragdolls are trying to save humanity’s legacy. At least I think that’s what’s going on. It’s entirely possible they’re going to a Coheed & Cambria concert.

**This post contains nothing patriotic.