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KingsChat 1×03 – “First Night”

Here’s the synopsis of “First Night,” from the official website…

King Silas makes a sacrifice to save the life of his illegitimate child, while Jack, who has ulterior motives, takes David on a wild night out.

The Queen and Jack are ramping up their campaign against David. Jack I can understand, but I’m not exactly sure what Queen Rose has against him. Taking away his ticket to First Night was pretty [RickJames]cold-blooded[/RickJames], and I’m thinking that her meddling in Michelle’s relationship with David is eventually going to blow up in her face. For the time being, Michelle seems content on pouting when her mother does something she doesn’t like, while more or less staying in line, but it’s one of those things where you know it isn’t going to stay that way. My guess is that as things get rockier for King Silas, he and David will become closer allies, and Michelle will support him over her mother and Jack (not to mention William Cross and CrossGen (I love witty names)).

So tonight, Jack takes David out for a night of general debauchery. After Jack said that he couldn’t even begin to tell David how batshit crazy the Shiloh party scene was, I was half-expecting to see some Nicholas Cage in 8mm type thing where people snort cocaine off of strippers’ chests while fornicating each other. But dancing under red mood lights is pretty crazy too, I guess. We caught a little glimpse of Jack’s relationship with his “boys.” I wonder if, after having the smack-down put on him by his dad, he’s going to try and swear his lifestyle off. I imagine that when it hits him again, it’s going to hit him hard.

Every time I see Eamonn Walker, he looks about a foot taller than the last time I saw him. After Silas had him brought out to the woods to “seek council,” I’m wondering if the two are going to patch things up. Silas’ mood also seems to have changed a lot from the premiere. First, he tells Reverend Samuels that God could more or less get bent, and now he’s dumping his illegitimate family. I thought it was a pretty gutsy move and showed how serious he was about getting back in control of things. That entire last scene was pretty moving, I thought.

With every episode I see, I’m amazed at the show’s production values. I’m sure Kings must cost a fortune to produce, so I will say again, tell your family, your friends, people you go to work and school with, to please, please, please watch this show. I had another dream last night. In this one Future Hiro came back and told Peter Petrelli that, in the future, something horrible had happened, and it was all the Heroes’ fault! Dammit, Future Hiro comes back every season! And NBC is STILL ordering more episodes! Help save good television!

KingsChat 1×02 – “Prosperity”

After a small delay, KingsChat is finally up. Here’s the official synopsis from the Kings website.

When David is blamed for the failed peace talks with Gath, he takes extreme action to get the two sides back to the negotiating table. Sunday’s episode was up and down. David’s role in bringing the Gath military to the peace table.

Was it just me, or did Sunday’s episode seem a little clunkier than the premiere? A lot of the dialogue felt a little stiff, and David’s entire arc seemed muddled. I’m not sure what he did to piss off the Gath (Gathian? Gathites?) delegation. It looked like they were looking for an excuse to leave before he did anything – on a saide note, I enjoyed Mark Margolis as the King of Gath, although every time I saw him all I could think of was, “You wanted it… you got it… Toyotaaaaaaa…”. Anyway, I’m hoping the show doesn’t turn into a How-Will-David-Save-The-World thing every week. I don’t really think it will, but I do know how easy it is for series to settle into overused conventions. Heroes, we’re all looking at you.

As someone who cries every time he thinks of Deadwood’s premature cancellation, it was nice to see Ian McShane back with Brian Cox. Cox, who was really laying the Marlon Brando impersonation on pretty thick, played Guggenheim, who I’m assuming Silas deposed before taking control of Gilboa. Silas keeping him around and in prison for no other reason than to piss him off created a really interesting dynamic, and whatever Guggenheim saw in that photo probably guaranteed that we’ll see him in future episodes.

The introduction of Cox’s character also provided a way for King Silas to spit in the eye of his brother-in-law, after he pulled CrossGen’s gold out of the treasury. Now, he’s… well, we’re not sure what he’s doing. Sitting in his office twirling his mutache from the look of it. When Queen Rose took a break from organizing state dinners to come in and mentioned bringing back his son, who was exiled from the King’s court, well… suspense! All I’ll say is that I’ve missed Macauly Culkin, and I’m sure you have too.

One last thought. I know it’s only two episodes in, but Kings isn’t doing so well in the ratings. Because the show needs to turn that around, and quick, if it has any hope of being renewed for a second season, please, I beg you, tell your friends about this show. I keep having these dreams where, in the future, all we have to watch is American Idol, CSI: San Antonio, and reruns of Joey. Think of the children.

Wilds Things

Here’s the poster for the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are film. As previously rumored, it is NOT a sequel to the 1998 film, Wild Things, which is unfortunate for reasons we won’t go into here. Looking at the poster, I’m not sure which one is supposed to be wild. One’s a big monster, but the other… well, you know how kids are these days.


It looks like there are going to be some pretty good movies coming out in the next few months. Of course, we don’t judge movies on how good they are, but rather the number of explosions the director can cram into things. We also give extra points for every song on the soundtrack is performed by Linkin Park. Michael Bay, we’re all counting on you.

Here’s the full trailer for Terminator Salvation, opening up this May. This prequel/sequel tells the story of how the human/robot war was won by John Connor, who heroically screamed at robots for walking into his line of site.

Public Enemies tells the story of the FBI’s efforts to stop famous criminal John Dillinger during the early 1930s. What’s exciting is that this role finally gives Johnny Depp the chance to use an accent to say charming things. It also gives Christian Bale the chance to scream at an FBI agent for walking into his line of site.

The Escapist was released in the UK this summer, and may or may not be playing in the States. We don’t know. We don’t want to know. Anyway, in the film, Brian Cox plays a father who escapes from Christian Bale escapes from prison to see his dying daughter. While it doesn’t feature any real explosions, it does feature emotional ones. So… half credit.

I know, I know…

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LOSTWATCH!! – “I have to make them come back.”

It’s been a long couple of days. Jack’s standing on the deck of Penny’s boat, thinking about how hard the next few are going to be when Kate sidles up next to him, a sleeping Aaron in her arms. She tells Jack that if anyone is going to believe their story when they get home, they’re going to have to say that Aaron’s her son.

Kate: Did you know Claire was going to LA to give him up for adoption?

Jack: For reals? Dude. Sucks.

Jack agrees. Before Kate heads off to bed, he tells her one last thing. Tomorrow, he’s going to have to convince everyone that they’re going to have to lie about their time on the island, and that’s not all.

Jack: We have to have sex, Kate. If we don’t, no one is going to believe us. Are you with me, Kate? Tell me you’re with me.

Kate: I’ve always been with you, Jack.

Jack: I’m glad Sawyer’s dead.

Three years later, Kate’s eating lunch with Sun in her hotel. Sun’s going to keep an eye on Aaron while Kate goes to meet with the lawyer who’s been trying to get their blood samples. Kate thanks Sun for being such a good friend.

Sun: Don’t worry, Kate. I have 100 channels on TV and lots of disgusting Korean food to keep him occupied. It’s gonna be great.

Back on the island, Charlotte is still unconscious. Daniel tries to explain what’s going on to Juliette.

Faraday: This is how her brain is reacting to the flashes. Just think of it as… really bad jet lag.

Juliette: Jet-lag? Uh-oh! Maybe we should let her sleep, you know? Can you hand me that napkin? She’s got a little schmutz.

Locke tells Sawyer that they need to head back to the Orchid station. He thinks that if he can get back there, he can figure out a way to get Jack and the others back to the island, he can fix everything that’s happened.

Locke: I have to get them back. Even if it kills me. Get it? Oh wait, nevermind.

First they’ll head back to camp, and take the zodiac around the island. A few moments later, Charlotte finally wakes up. She’s in a daze, and not sure of where she is. Daniel’s right there, by her side.

Charlotte: Who are you?

Faraday: I’m your… husband.

Charlotte: What happened?

Faraday: Nothing. Let’s snuggle.

Another jump, and we see Jack in the hospital with Sayid, pumping horse tranquilizer out of his system. He gets a phone call from Hurley, who says he’s in lockup, but safe from you-know-who.

Hurley: Don’t worry, dude. That no-good so-and-so ain’t never gonna lay his hands on me.

Jack: Hur–

Hurley: So I’m just gonna keep talking really fast so you can’t say anything and then I’ll hang up so we won’t get anything figured out and that’ll give you more crap to do in next week’s episode.

In the next room, a shady male nurse checks in on Sayid, saying he’s got some of his meds. Sayid sees through the clever ruse and goes all Jason Bourne on him. A few moments later, Jack and Ben bust in the room.

Jack: What happened?

Sayid: Sorry, doc. He’s DOA.

Everyone laughs and high-fives, but once Jack finds out the guy had a piece of paper with Kate’s address on it in his pocket, he really freaks out. Jack, Ben, and Sayid all run out to the parking lot.

Jack: Alright! I’ll go rescue Kate. Ben, you get Hurley out of lockup. Sayid, go buy some more leather jackets and walk around all pissed off. Okay? Break!

Back in the jungle, the castaways are making their way back to camp. Faraday asks Charlotte how she’s holding up.

Charlotte: Oh I’m good. Nothing like sore feet to take your mind off a brain aneurysm, amirite?

Farday: Oh! Ahahahahahaha! *cough* I mean… yeah. Totally.

Suddenly, a scream! Sawyer runs ahead to see what’s going on and finds they’ve jumped back two months, when Claire was giving birth to Kate. Seeing his lady love gets Sawyer all weepy, and makes for an awkward moment when Locke asks him what he saw.

Sawyer: Oh it don’t matter no way no how.

In the future, Jack meets up with Kate, who’s been trying to find out who’s trying to take Aaron away.

Kate: Hey, Jack. You shaved your beard.

Jack: No I didn’t! Oh, wait. Sorry. I’m still pretty high.

Kate eventually comes clean about what she’s doing, and Jack’s able to convince her to let him tag along. They tail the lawyer who tried getting the blood samples to a hotel, only to find him meeting with Claire’s mom. Once he leaves, Jack goes inside to talk to her. He says that she has every right to be upset that Kate has stolen her grandson, but maybe she could just be cool about the whole thing. Claire’s mom has no idea what he’s talking about.

Jack: What? You don’t? Wait… did I say your dead grandson? I meant me and Kate were gonna head out, grab something to eat. Well, I should be going.

The castaways come back to find the camp deserted. They discover canoes that someone’s pulled up onshore, and decide to take those around the island to get to the Orchid. They’ve just gotten under way when the mytereous strangers start shooting at them.

Charlotte: Who are they?

Sawyer: Other Others *snicker*. Get it?

Ben and Sayid are heading off to rescue Hurley. Sayid’s been burned one too many times and has trust issues, and we’re not sure if he’ll ever really be able to love again. Even though Ben says things are all cool now, he just can’t believe it. Ben has similar misgivings.

Ben: Why are you trying to rescue Hugo?

Sayid: I had to make sure he was safe.

Ben: … You know that doesn’t really answer my question, right?

The two meet with Ben’s lawyer, who has his fingers in a few different pies, and finds out that Hurley will probably be released the next day. After that, they head to the pier to meet up with Jack and Kate. Of course, Kate isn’t happy to see Ben, which sets Sayid off again. All this is being watched by Sun, who’s sitting a little ways away in her car. She looks back at Aaron and tosses him a gun.

Sun: Okay let’s do this.

Has Sun gone crazy? Will Aaron save the day? Tune in next time to find out!

“We give up what we want when we want power.”

For every Office or 30 Rock NBC gives us, they also give us two Knight Riders and a Crusoe, so after tonight’s premiere of Kings, I’ve got my fingers, toes, and other assorted body parts (two of them?!) crossed that the network sticks with it. Like Art Linkletter, I heartily endorse this product.

For those who haven’t heard anything about it, Kings is a modern, soap-opera style take on the David and Goliath story. It centers around David Shepherd (wink wink, get it?), who rescues the son of Benjamin Silas, King of Gilboa, after he’s taken hostage during Golboa’s war with the neighboring country of Gath. As reward, King Silas brings David into the world of high society and government intrigue. If that sounds like a lot to take it, it really is, and that’s what makes the show so exciting. It seems like with the rise of DVR and the changing face of broadcast media, more and more networks are playing things safe, and are, for the most part, really shying away from doing anything big and innovative. Kings is both. And with my beloved Battlestar Galactica coming to an end next week, and Lost following a year from now, it’s great to see a show so completely swing for the fences.

If for no other reason, people should tune into the show just to watch Ian McShane walk around and talk for an hour. McShane, who put the words hooplehead and c**ksucker in all our vocabularies as Al Swearengen on HBO’s Deadwood, fits in perfectly here. Especially because much of the show’s language seems to be a mix of Shakespeare and the Bible. McShane serves as the patriarch to a promising cast. Christopher Egan as David – who also looks a lot like Heath Ledger – plays the small town boy who’s just been thrown into the big leagues without looking doe-eyed and disingenuous. Sebastian Stan, plays Silas’ son, Jack, who’s jealous of the attention being thrown on David by the press and his father is sure to develop into one of the show’s main villains is brooding without resorting to that, “My name is Syyyyllaaaarr!” tomfoolery that’s ruined Heroes. There was a lot set up in tonight’s episode, and the cast was able to pull it all off without it feeling forced or unrealistic. And as far as the cast goes, Kings has some great guest spots lined up. Brian Cox, Leslie Bibb, and the triumphant return of Macaulay Culkin, to name just a few.

Eamonn Walker plays Reverand Ephram Samuels, whose character gives us a glimpse of how big a part religion is going to play in the show. Not in a way that makes you feel like you’re being preached to, but something that will help move the story along. I’ll try not to ruin anything for those who haven’t seen it, but a prophesy Samuels makes seems to have very real implications by the end of the premiere.

Of course,  I’ll say this and the show will be canceled next week, but I really think Kings has a good chance of sticking around for a while. It really seems to have snuck in under the radar. I think that will probably work in its favor, unlike other shows – 2006’s much-lamented Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip comes to mind – that are so completely over-hyped that if they aren’t overnight successes they’re declared failures and gone before they have a chance to find an audience.

Kings also has a serialized element, and judging from the first two hours, is handling it a lot better than any of the Lost rip-offs we got during the diasterous “serialized shows make money!” 2006-2007 television season. The premiere has already left us with a lot of questions. What’s up with King Silas’ other wife and son, whom we caught a glimpse in the first episode? What’s his relationship with Crossgen (who seems to be financially propping up Gilboa), what do they do, and how did they put Silas in power? When NBC ordered Kings to series, creator Michael Greene was said to have already mapped out the show’s 13-episode first season. It’ll be interesting to see how Greene, a veteran of NBC’s Heroes, lets all these plotlines play out.

Just a few things I liked about tonight’s episode…

  • The royal historian. I thought it was an interesting idea that they record everything Silas does, down to his day to day activities, like they’re writing their own scriptures.
  • Whoever’s in charge of the music. There’s a scene toward the end with King Silas watching a Gilboan counter attack with his generals on either side of him. The entire thing was scored beautifully.
  • Austeria, another country they make mention of. I’m really interested to see more of this world’s politics. Wondering if any countries or governments we recognize will ever show up.

I set this one up as more of a formal review just to kick things off. But in the coming weeks I’d just like to do a quick recap with a few highlights just to start some discussion, so stay tuned. If anyone has any thoughts on tonight’s episode, post them here.